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Past events

This page provides a list of archived events we have held, including video recordings, related blogs, and (more recently) audio podcasts: Development Policy Centre Podcast.

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World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development

November 8 2011

Andrew Mason, Lead Economist and Regional Gender Coordinator, World Bank East Asia and Pacific Region.

Sharon Bessell, Senior Lecturer, Crawford School, ANU.

Gillian Brown, Principle Gender Adviser, AusAID.

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‘Banking on Aid’: Report launch and discussion

October 27 2011

Jonathan Cornford, Director, Manna Gum.

Matthew Morris, Deputy Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU.

Jessica Rosien, Advocacy Manager, Oxfam Australia.

Paul Wojciechowski, Assistant Director General, Multilateral Policy and Partnerships Branch, AusAID.

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» Jonathon Cornford and Matthew Morris
» Jessica Rosien and Paul Wojciechowski

Revitalising the PNG-Australia relationship

12 October 2011

Peter O’Neill, Prime Minister, Papua New Guinea.

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Rural Poverty in Remote Papua New Guinea: Report launch

11 October 2011, Parliament House, Canberra
17 November 2011, National Research Institute, Port Moresby

The Hon. Richard Marles MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs, launched the report in Canberra at Parliament House.

Rt. Hon. Sir Mekere Morauta, Minister for Public Enterprises, Government of Papua New Guinea launched the report at PNG’s National Research Institute in Port Moresby.

Speakers include:

Hon. Sam Basil, Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, PNG.

Thomas Webster, Director, National Research Institute, Papua New Guinea.

Stephen Howes, Director, Development Poverty Centre, Crawford School, ANU.

Matt Morris, Deputy Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU.

Cate Rogers, Report author, Development Policy Centre.

Peter Raynes, Country Director, CARE International, PNG.

Wala Ola, CARE International, PNG.

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The future of PNG and the role of Australia

21 September 2011

Sir Rabbie Langanai Namaliu, Former Prime Minister, PNG (1988-1992).

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Is Australian aid fair dinkum?

13 September 2011

James Batley, Deputy Director-General, Asia Pacific and Program Enabling Group, AusAID.

Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU.
Julia Newton-Howes, CEO, CARE Australia.

Derek Brien, Director, Pacific Institute of Public Policy.

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PNG in transition: Economic and political update

25 August 2011

Matthew Morris, Deputy Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU.

Erik Kwa, Associate Professor of Law, University of PNG.

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G20: Issues of importance for developing countries and Indonesia's role

23 August 2011

Dr Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director, World Bank.

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The next convergence: The future of economic growth in a multi-speed world

17 August 2011

Dr Michael Spence, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Business vs. bureaucracy in international development

11 August 2011

Ian Anderson, Research Associate, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU.

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The Independent Review of Australian Aid and the Government’s Response

11 July 2011

Sandy Hollway, Independent Aid Review Chairman.

Peter Baxter, AusAID Director General.

Tom Kompas, Director, Crawford School, ANU.

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» Tom Kompas and Sandy Hollway
» Peter Baxter

IDA: The path ahead

21 June 2011

Dr Axel van Trotsenburg, Vice-President for Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships, World Bank.

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Preventing recurring food prices

29 April 2011

Shenggen Fan, Director General, International Food Policy Research Institute.

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Poverty in numbers and scaling-up aid: Research from the Brookings institute

28 March 2011

Lawrence Chandy, Fellow, Brookings Institute.

Johannes F. Linn, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute and Senior Resident Scholar, Emerging Markets Forum.

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Measuring poverty and gender disparity

21 March 2011

Thomas Pogge, Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University, and Professor in Philosophy at ANU.

Alice Banze, Gender and Advocacy Coordinator, Oxfam Great Britain.

Jo Crawford, Policy and Research, International Women’s Development Agency.

Fatima Castilo, Researcher, Philippine Health Social Science Association and University of the Philippines, Manila.

Priya Chattier, Researcher, University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

Maggie Banda, Women’s Legal Resource Centre, Malawi.

Alison Jaggar, College Professor of Distinction, University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Africa: Innovations in Aid and Development Policy

10 February 2011

Todd Moss, Vice President for Programs and Senior Fellow, Centre for Global Development.

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Recent shocks and long-term change in the Samoan economy

8 February 2011

John Gibson, Senior Research Associate, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust and Professor of Economics, University of Waikato.

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Doubling Australian aid

7 February 2011

The "Doubling Australian Aid" conference aims to ensure that the Review builds on the best and most recent evidence base available. The one-day conference, which will be attended by Review Panel members, will bring together the latest research on Australian aid.

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AusAID reforms

Peter Baxter, Director General, Australian Agency for International Development

» view speech [PDF, 125KB]

Chair: Tom Kompas, Director, Crawford School

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What Matters for Aid Effectiveness?

Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre

Chair: Odo Tevi, Vanuatu Reserve Bank Governor

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Panel 1: The Rapidly Changing Aid Scene

  • Aid innovations
    Matt Morris, Research Fellow, Crawford School (with Jonathan Pryke, Research Associate, Development Policy Centre)
    » view presentation [PDF, 518KB]
    » view video
  • Emerging donors
    Sean Burges, Lecturer in International Relations, School of Politics and International Relations, ANU
    » view presentation [PDF, 143KB]
    » view video
  • New directions in non-government aid
    Chris Roche, Director, Development Effectiveness, Oxfam Australia and Adjunct Associate Professor, Institute for Human Security, La Trobe University
    » view presentation [PDF, 1MB]
    » view paper [PDF, 411KB]
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Chair: Andrew Macintyre, Dean, College of Asia and the Pacific

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Panel 2A: Asian Case-studies

  • Aid and the Asian tsunami
    Peter McCawley, Visiting Fellow, Arndt-Corden Division, Crawford School
    » view presentation [PDF, 148KB]
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  • The role of aid in Asia's development: learning from success
    Stephen Smith, Principal Economist, Access Economics
    » view presentation [PDF, 108KB]
    » view video
  • Delivering Australian aid to Afghanistan
    Michele Lipner, member of the ACFID Afghanistan Working Group, and formerly ACFID Secondee to the Asia Pacific Civil-Military Centre of Excellence
    » view presentation [PDF, 84KB]
    » view presentation concluding comments [PDF, 66KB]
    » view video

Chair: Margaret Callan, Visiting Research Fellow, Crawford School.

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Panel 2B: Global Case-Studies

  • Is there a micro-macro paradox in international aid, or do the data deceive?
    Cate Rogers, Research Associate, Development Policy Centre and formerly Director, Office of Development Effectiveness, AusAID
    » view presentation [PDF, 272KB]
    » view video
  • Australian aid to Africa: lessons from Malawi
    Aaron Batten, Economist, Debt and Aid Management Division, Ministry of Finance, Malawi
    » view presentation [PDF, 573KB]
    » view video
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: business versus bureaucracy in international development
    Ian Anderson, Director, Ian Anderson Economics
    » view presentation [PDF, 243KB]
    » view video

Chair: Mark Baird, formerly Vice-President, World Bank

Panel 3A: Aid and Climate Change

  • Climate finance and aid: implications for Australia
    Jonathan Pickering, Research Associate, Development Policy Centre
    » view presentation [PDF, 362KB]
    » view video
  • Reducing tropical deforestation: lessons from the Kalimantan Forest Carbon Partnership
    Erik Olbrei, Research Associate, Development Policy Centre
    » view presentation [PDF, 2.40MB]
    » view video

Chair: Frank Jotzo, Director Climate Change Economics and Policy Centre, Crawford School

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Panel 3B: Pacific Aid Analysis

  • Lessons from the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI)
    Sinclair Dinnen, Senior Fellow, State, Society and Governance in Melanesia
    » view video
  • Does the Pacific get too much aid?
    Simon Feeny, Associate Professor, Economics, RMIT
    » view presentation [PDF, 95KB]
    » view video
  • Aid to Vanuatu: successes and failures
    Nikunj Soni, Chair, Pacific Institute of Public Policy
    » view presentation [PDF, 79KB]
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Chair: Annmaree O'Keeffe, Research Fellow, Lowy Institute and Research Associate, Development Policy Centre

Panel 4:  The Pacific - aid and integration

Chair: Richard Marles, MP, Parliamentary Secretary for the Pacific

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Panel 5: Practitioners' Panel: reflections on aid

  • Bob McMullan, formerly Parliamentary Secretary for International Development, and Adjunct Professor, Crawford School
    » view video
  • Jane Thomason, Director, JTA International and Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Population Health, University of Queensland
    » view video
  • Mark Baird, formerly Vice-President, World Bank
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Chair: Matt Morris, Research Fellow, Crawford School and Deputy Director, Development Policy Centre

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Close of Conference

Sandy Hollway, Chair, Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness

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