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Past events

This page provides a list of archived events we have held, including video recordings, related blogs, and (more recently) audio podcasts: Development Policy Centre Podcast.

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Aid from emerging Asia: Asian perspectives on development cooperation and global development challenges

29 November 2012 9.30am-12.30pm

Xiaojing Mao, Ministry of Commerce, China; Hyunghwan Joo, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Government of Korea; Kumar Tuhin Joint Secretary, Development Partnership Administration II, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India; and various.

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Session 1
Korea's ODA Policy - Hyunghwan Joo (pdf, 1.04 MB)
China's aid approaches in the changing international aid architecture - Mao Xiaojing (pdf, 1.1 MB)
Indonesia south-south and triangular cooperation - Raden Siliwanti (pdf, 1.45 MB)
Indian development cooperation: priorities, objectives and philosophy - Sachin Chaturvedi (pdf, 623 kB)

Session 2
Asian perspectives on global development challenges - Arianto A. Patunru (pdf, 234 kB)
Economic infrastructure programs: platforms for achieving broader social goals - Dr. He Wenping (pdf, 371 kB)
Post-2015 development agenda - Wonhyuk Lim (pdf, 747 kB)
International public goods for development – Robin Davies (pdf, 318 kB)

The inaugural Harold Mitchell Development Policy Annual Lecture: Timor-Leste and the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States

22 November 2012 12.30pm-2pm

Emilia Pires, Harold Mitchell AC, Professor Ian Young AO, Professor Tom Kompas, Professor Andrew McIntyre & Professor Stephen Howes.

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Revisiting the limits to growth: A global forecast for the next forty years

5 November 2012 2pm-3.15pm

Professor Jorgen Randers, Climate Strategy, BI Norwegian Business School.

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» download presentation slides (pdf, 2MB)

Engaging Business in Development

17 October 2012 8.30am-5.30pm

Speakers from international businesses, non-government organisations, social enterprises, health and agricultural research enterprises, and international aid agencies.

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» view program (pdf, 304 kB)
» view discussion paper:When business meets aid: analyzing public-private partnerships for development (pdf, 852 kB)
» view Thomason et al. discussion paper presented at the conference: Extending health services to the poor through the private sector. (pdf 825kb)

» Session 1: Inclusive business
» Session 2: Partnerships for service delivery
» Session 3: Pro-poor supply chains for internationally traded products
» Session 4: Product development partnerships

» Session 1 – Keynote address and inclusive business: Stephen Howes, Jane Thomason, Robin Davies, Margaret Callan, Sean Rooney, Anthony Perkins, Thiev Viseth, Paul Voutier, Peter Leahy.
» Session 2 – Partnerships for service delivery: Anmaree O'Keeffe, Ross Hutton, James Ensor, Andrea Iffland.
» Session 3 – Pro-poor supply chains for internationally traded products : Dan Evans, Rachel Levine, Sandra Mendez, Joshua Bishop, Michael Toliman, Tim Wilson.
» Session 4 – Product development partnerships : Mary Moran, Wayne Best, Gabrielle Persley.


Session 1
Inclusive Business - Sean Rooney, The Foundation for Development Cooperation (pdf, 994kB)
Wing – Anthony Perkins and Thiev Viseth, Wing Cambodia (pdf, 1.66MB)

Session 2
Oil Search Health Foundation – Ross Hutton, Oil Search Health Foundation (pdf, 667kB)

Session 3
Fairtrade – Rachel Levine and Sandra Mendez, Fairtrade New Zealand (pdf, 979kB)
The value of Fairtrade to Papua New Guinea rural farmers – Michael Toliman, Fairtrade New Zealand (pdf, 1.55MB)

Session 4
Product Development Partnerships– George Jagoe, Medicines for Malaria Venture (pdf, 979kB)

Additional resources:

Fairtrade: Working to make trade fair in the Pacific (pdf, 190kB)

How to achieve policy impact from a development think tank

9 October 2012 1pm-2pm

Owen Barder, Director for Europe, Center for Global Development.

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Built on dreams, grounded in reality: Economic policy reform in the Philippines

11 October 2012 12pm-1.30pm

Dr Steven Rood and Mr Jaime Faustino, from the Asia Foundation.

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Challenges to global health: Getting what works to those who need it

10 September 2012 12.30pm-1.30pm

Kamalini Lokuge, epidemiologist and ANU Research Fellow at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health and a Research Associate of the Development Policy Centre at Crawford School of Public Policy.

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2012 Pacific Update: Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Samoa and Tonga

6 September 2012 1.45pm-4.15pm

Bart Philemon Fomer Minister for the Public Service, Papua New Guinea.

Nikunj Soni Chair of the Board and Executive Director, Pacific Institute of Public Policy (PiPP).

Odo Tevi Governor of the Reserve Bank, Vanuatu.

Siosi (Joyce) C. Mafi Governor of the National Reserve Bank, Tonga.

Biman Prasad University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

Rick Houenipwela Minister of Finance and Treasury, Solomon Islands.

Serena Sasingian Executive Director, ‘The Voice’, PNG.

Kolone Vaai Co-Managing Director, KVA Consult Ltd, Samoa.

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» Session 1: Bart Philemon, Serena Sasingian, Nikunj Soni
» Session 2: Odo Tevi, Siosi (Joyce) C. Mafi, Kolone Vaai
» Session 3: Rick Hounipwela, Biman Chand Prasad

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» Vanuatu resurgent by Odo Tevi
» Social challenges in PNG by Serena Sasingian
» Managing the political economy of development in Solomon Islands by Rick Hou
» Pursuing development in the Pacific: acting on what we know by Biman Chand Prasad
» Solomon Islands economic update by Rick Hou
» Fiji's economy: a view over 25 years by Biman Chand Prasad

Tertiary Education Reform and the Role of Aid

3 September 2012 12.30pm-1.30pm

Jamil Salmi, former World Bank Tertiary Education Coordinator 2006-2012.

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Australian aid evaluation: Present and future

30 August 2012

Dereck Rooken-Smith, Assistant Director-General for the Office of Development Effectiveness at AusAID.

Jim Adams, Chair of the Independent Evaluation Committee.

Cate Rogers, PhDcandidate at the Crawford School, previously Director of Evaluations in the Office of Development Effectiveness and on extended leave from AusAID.

Kathy Richards, Manager, Philippines Desk at AusAID.

Hal Hill, H.W. Arndt Professor of Southeast Asian Economies, ANU.

Jo Hall, Senior Director at the Australian National Audit Office.

Russell Miles, Director, NGO Policy, Partnerships and Program Section at AusAID.

Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre.

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» Session 1: Dereck Rooken-Smith
» Session 2: Cate Rogers, Kathy Richards, Hal Hill
» Session 3: Jo Hall, Russell Miles, Stephen Howes
» Keynote: Jim Adams

Improving the nutritional status of children and women: What role for aid?

28 August 2012

Lawrence Haddad, Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex.

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» view slides (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Two decades of working with smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia: The challenges and rewards of sustainable Newcastle disease control

27 August 2012

Dr Robyn Alders, Associate Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney.

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Measuring poverty and gender disparity

15 August 2012

Thomas Pogge, Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University, and Professor in Philosophy at ANU.

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Does India's Employment Guarantee Scheme guarantee employment?

6 July 2012

Martin Ravallion Acting Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, Development Economics, World Bank and Dominique Van De Walle Lead Economist for Social Protection, World Bank.

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Australian aid in the Asian Century

11 July 2012

Hugh White, Professor at Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, ANU and Visiting Fellow, Lowy Institute for International Policy. Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU.

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Australian Aid, the Pacific and PNG

20 June 2012

The Hon. Julie Bishop MP, Federal Member for Curtin, Deputy Opposition Leader and the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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The Future of Aid: A Horizon Scan

11 June 2012

Homi Kharas, Deputy Director, Global Economy and Development Program and Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution.

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TB control in the PNG-Australia cross-border region

23 May 2012

Kamalini Lokuge, Medical Epidemiologist, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, ANU.

Tom Kompas, Professor of Economics and Director, Crawford School, ANU.

Paul Aia, Director National TB Program, National Department of Health, PNG.

Kebei Salee Koeget, Local-level Government Ward Member for Sigabaduru, PNG.

Tom Konstantinos, Director, Queensland Tuberculosis Control Centre.

Benedict David, Principal Health Specialist, AusAID.

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ODI Fellowship Scheme

17 May 2012

Susan Barron, Programme Manager, Overseas Development Institute.

Matthew Morris, Deputy Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU.

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Australia and Burma: opportunities for change

11 May 2012

The Hon. Janelle Saffin, MP, Federal Member for Page.

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Aid and development policy in Australia and the region: The big issues

19 April 2012

Julia Newton-Howes, CEO, CARE Australia.

Simon McKeon, 2011 Australian of the year.

The Hon. Andrew Leigh MP, Federal Member for Fraser.

Charles Lepani, Papua New Guinea High Commissioner to Australia.

Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU

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Making Pacific Migration Work: Australia and New Zealand experiences

2 April 2012

Richard Bedford, Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, Auckland University of Technology and

Professor of Population Geography, National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis.

Richard Brown, Associate Professor, School of Economics, University of Queensland.

Judith Damiani, CEO, Citrus Australia Ltd

Graeme Dobell, Journalist.

Alf Fangaloka, Director, Tree Minders Pty Ltd.

John Gibson, Professor, Department of Economics, University of Waikato and Senior

Research Associate, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research.

Danielle Hay, Research Associate, Sapere Research Group.

Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU. 

Graeme Hugo, Director, Australian Population and Migration Research Centre, University of Adelaide.

Lionel Kalaut, Labour Commissioner, Department of Labour and Employment Services, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vanuatu.

Tom Kompas, Director, Crawford School, ANU and Professor of Economics, ANU.
Kirstie Petrou, PhD Candidate, University of Sydney.

Sankar Ramasamy, Manager, Migration Research, Labour and Immigration Research Centre, Department of Labour, New Zealand.

Mark Roddam, Branch Manager for Migration, CoAG and Evidence Branch, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Mathea Roorda, Evalue Research

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» morning session one
» morning session two
» afternoon session one
» afternoon session two

Recommendation 23: How should Australia do global health R&D?

20 March 2012

Rob Don, Discovery & Preclinical Director, Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative.

Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU. 

Mary Moran, Executive Director, Policy Cures. 

Graeme Woodrow, Head of Strategy and Implementation for CSIRO’s Preventative Health Flagship, and joint leader of the Health Initiative of the Global Research Alliance.

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Pacific futures: Towards a new approach to the Pacific

15 March 2012

Ferid Belhaj, Country Director, Pacific, PNG, Timor Leste, World Bank

Vivek Suri, Lead Economist, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, World Bank

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» view presentation (pdf, 615 kB)
» view paper (pdf, 294 kB)
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Education Effectiveness and Collaboration Forum

13 March 2012

Peter Baxter, Director-General, AusAID.

Lynne Benson, Head of International Development Programs, Save the Children Australia.

Sharon Bessell, Senior Lecturer, Crawford School, ANU.

Desmond Bermingham, Director of Education Global Initiative, Save the Children.

Robert Cannon, University of Adelaide.

Annie Chandler, Sustainability Manager, IKEA Retail Australia.

David Coleman, Education Advisor, AusAID.

Richard Geeves, Chair, ACFID Education Working Group and Manager, Development Effectiveness, Child Fund Australia.

Anne Glover, International development specialist.

Susan Harris Rimmer, Manager of Advocacy and Development Practice, ACFID.

David Howes, General Manager, Curriculum Division, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School, ANU.

Viktor Jakupec, Professed of Education, University of Potsdam.

Tom Kompas, Director, Crawford School, ANU and Professor of Economics, ANU.

Julia Newton-Howes, CEO, Care Australia.

Rachel Outhred, Senior Research Fellow, Australian Council for Educational Research; Head of Knowledge Development, Education Resource Facility, AusAID and Project Director, Zimbabwe Education Transition Fund, UNICEF Zimbabwe.

Morgana Ryan, Asia Pacific Director, Accenture Development Partnerships.

Fabia Shah, Senior Education Expert, Education Resources Facility, AusAID.

Paul Voutier, Commercial Manager, Business for Millennium Development

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» morning session
» mid-morning session
» noon session part 1
» noon session part 2

View presentations:

» Stephen Howes and Jonathan Pryke (pdf, 764 kB)
» Morgana Ryan (pdf, 912 kB)
» Desmond Bermingham (pdf, 339 kB)

Rents to Riches? The political economy of natural resource-led development in East Asia and the Pacific

28 February 2012

Nazneen Barma, Associate Professor, National Security Affairs, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.

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New approaches to exploring the politics of development: a critique and a proposal, with insights from Uganda

17 February 2012

Sam Hickey, Senior Lecturer, Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre, University of Manchester.

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Quality, quantity and nutritional impact of rice price changes in Vietnam

31 January 2012

John Gibson, Professor, Department of Economics, University of Waikato and Senior Research Associate, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research.

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