Coverage of Devpolicy's aid budget analysis

Devpolicy’s analysis of the 2015 Australian aid budget was featured by a number of media outlets in the lead-up to, and post-budget.

Media: budget lead-up

»Federal budget 2015: Foreign aid to Indonesia to be slashed, Sydney Morning Herald/Canberra Times, 5 May 2015.
»Federal Budget 2015: Foreign aid to Nepal to be slashed in federal budget, Sydney Morning Herald/The Age, 9 May 2015.
»Australia Potong Bantuan untuk Indonesia/Australia cuts aid for Indonesia, MetroTV (Indonesia), 5 May 2015.
»Pemotongan Bantuan Australia Bukan Aksi Balas Eksekusi Mati/Australian aid cuts not in response to execution deaths, Okezone (Indonesia), 6 May 2015.
»Indonesia, Africa set to be hit in aid cut, AAP, 7 May 2015.

Media: op-ed

»A fair budget? Not for the poor losing Australian aid in record cuts, Op-ed by Stephen Howes, The Conversation, 12 May 2015.

Media: post-budget

»Indonesian aid slashed, but Pacific nations largely untouched, Pacific Beat/Radio Australia, 13 May 2015.
»Budget 2015: major cuts to foreign aid, Radio National Breakfast, 13 May 2015.
»Budget review draws calls for defining Australian aid vs development cooperation, Pacific Beat/Radio Australia, 13 May 2015.
»How do you feel about the 2015 budget?, The Drum, 13 May 2015.
»A deeply unfair budget for our Asian neighbours, Crikey, 13 May 2015 [paywalled].
»Aid budget slashed, ABC PM, 13 May 2015.
»Federal budget 2015: Agencies hit out over latest foreign aid cuts, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 May 2015.
»Le Pacifique, grand gagnant du budget australien/The Pacific, winner in the Australian budget, Radio Australia French, 13 May 2015.
»In Canberra, confusion over Australia’s aid program, Devex, 13 May 2015.
»Australia slashes foreign aid spending, Radio New Zealand, 14 May 2015.
»Budget 2015 cuts foreign aid to Africa, Asia, Middle East, ABC 7.30, 13 May 2015.
»Aid groups call “a once in a decade” budget for foreign aid, SBS World News, 13 May 2015.
»Budget cuts to foreign aid put Australia on track for least generous spend ever, The Guardian, 14 May 2015.
»Southeast Asia bears brunt as Canberra seeks savings, Nikkei Asian Review, 15 May 2015.
»Fair budget? We have never looked meaner, The Drum, 19 May 2015.
»Save the Children warn of the effects foreign aid cuts could have on Afghan women, 14 May 2015 (with Devpolicy Visiting Fellow Nematullah Bizhan).
»Australia cuts foreign aid in favour of budget repair,Financial Times, 10 June 2015.

Devpolicy Blog analysis

»Australian aid: the way we were by Stephen Howes
»The same, the bad, and the ugly: country allocations in the 2015-16 budget by Matthew Dornan
»Requiem for Australia’s aid program in Africa by Joel Negin
»Flaws in the glass: allocation quirks in the 2015-16 Australian aid budget by Robin Davies
»Beyond country programs in the 2015-16 aid budget: losers, non-losers, and a winner by Jonathan Pryke, Camilla Burkot and Stephen Howes
»The mysterious case of the vanishing budget emergency by Anthony Swan
»In Brief: Julie Bishop on the aid cuts: “fair and appropriate” by Ashlee Betteridge
»The way we were: mean and getting meaner by Paul Flanagan
»In Brief: Joe Hockey on aid on Q&A by Ashlee Betteridge and Stephen Howes

If you missed our Australian aid budget breakfast forum, catch up with the video here. Presentation slides are available to download here.

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