The new government and aid: our analysis

The Coalition’s announcement less than 48 hours before the election that it would be holding aid flat after inflation at slightly below last year’s level came as a surprise to many, including us.

The decision brings to an end a decade of aid expansion. At the Development Policy Centre, we’ve focused particularly on the decision to cut $656 million from this year’s budget, below last year’s level even before inflation. Within-year cuts of this magnitude are unprecedented; Robin Davies argues that cuts of this order within the current year will take the aid program from expansion to crisis. Stephen Howes suggests that with some parts of the aid program committed or protected, other parts will have to be cut by up to 20% on average.

Over time, we’ll be examining the longer-term implications of this shift. Ben Day has started this discussion arguing that Australia is now embarking on an aid course charted by New Zealand, Canada and the Netherlands, all of whom have cut aid and redefined its objective in more commercial terms.

The additional surprise announcement that AusAID would be ‘integrated’ into the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, amid a wider shake-up of the public service, has also raised many questions about Australian aid and its future priorities.

We’ve compiled the links to our analysis and our comments in the media below.


» More transparent, open and effective: Julie Bishop on Australian aid by Stephen Howes and Ashlee Betteridge.

» Felled before forty: the once and future AusAID by Robin Davies.

» Don’t mention aid: what’s unsaid in Australia’s economic diplomacy by Benjamin Day.

» AusAID staffing: how low could it go? by Robin Davies.

» Parsing the overall aid objective: a critique and a suggestion by Stephen Howes.

» AusAID into DFAT: opportunity not threat by Brian Doolan.

» Lead Australian development from the top? by Tim McMinn.

» Whither Australian aid? by Terence Wood and Jo Spratt.

» The future of AusAID: bend it, don’t break it by Robin Davies.

» Back to the future? The split personality of Australian aid by Jack Corbett and Sinclair Dinnen.

» Purposeful and methodical? Not in relation to aid by Stephen Howes.

» A new journey on a worn path? The aid cuts in context by Benjamin Day.

» From expansion to crisis in Australian aid: reflections on the Coalition’s aid cuts by Robin Davies.

In Brief

» AusAID integration media coverage by Ashlee Betteridge.

» Principles released for AusAID’s ‘deep’ reintegration into DFAT by Ashlee Betteridge.

» AusAID no more? Abbott announces aid agency to be integrated into DFAT by Robin Davies and Ashlee Betteridge.

» Abbott announces ministry: no room for aid or the Pacific by Ashlee Betteridge.

» Will there actually be an aid minister under Abbott? by Ashlee Betteridge and Robin Davies.

» The region reacts on aid cuts and the new PM by Ashlee Betteridge

» Coalition releases policy (fragment) on aid by Ashlee Betteridge and Robin Davies.

» Aid in 2016-17 to be back at 2012-13 levels under Coalition plan by Stephen Howes.

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» Aid cuts, ‘stop the boats’ dividend underpin Joe Hockey’s $42bn savings - The Australian, September 6, 2013.

» Election 2013 live: Coalition releases its costings - as it happened - The Guardian, September 5, 2013.

» Coalition announces cuts to foreign aid - Lowy Interpreter, September 5, 2013.

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